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WANE is a follow-on study to Oceanweather's original West Africa Extremes Joint Industry Project (WAX JIP) for the West Coast of Africa. WANE3 is a continuous wind and wave update of WANE and WANE2.
The hindcast uses shallow water wave model physics and is archived on an intermediate 1/12th degree fine mesh grid and a 1/24th degree finer mesh grid along the West African coast.

The Mid Atlantic Current Hindcast (MACH) - a joint initiative between Oceanweather, the Met Office, and BMT ARGOSS - is a 20-year hindcast of high quality current data for the mid-Atlantic region that meets oil and gas operator requirements for engineering design and reduction of operational risk. MACH contains high resolution nested grids covering principal oil and gas concession areas to provide high quality, long-term detailed characterization of ambient and extreme ocean current conditions through the full water column, with significant economic, safety and environmental benefits for the engineering design and operation of offshore field developments.

WANE3 Grid: View Larger Image

MACH Grid: View Larger Image

  • Time series of wind and wave parameters in ASCII or OSMOSIS format
  • Return period extremes for wind speed, wave height (significant, maximum and crest) and wave period
  • Operability statistics expressed as monthly and annual frequency-of-occurence tables and persistence/duration statistics
  • Directional wave spectra

WANE3 results are licensed for specific offshore blocks and can be purchased separately or as a bundled product. For more information on bulk options within WANE3 please contact Oceanweather.

MACH provides time series of current velocity, including residual and tidal components, available at 30 levels throughout the water column at archived grid points at hourly intervals, and time series of temperature and salinity at daily time intervals. Results are available in regional datasets or on a per-point basis.



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