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The impact of hurricanes in the offshore industry often create an urgent need for block-specific metocean information. Such information is critical for use in investigations into damage and design reassessments of the infrastructure within a tropical system's sphere of influence. Therefore, Oceanweather offers fast-response studies of Hurricanes with proven, high-level hindcast methodology.

The purpose of these fast response hindcasts is to develop a description of the evolution and distribution of the surface wind field, sea state, and in some cases, storm driven surge and current field, during the approach and passage of a hurricane. The hindcasts utilize all available public domain meteorological and oceanographic measured data with Oceanweather's most accurate cyclone wind, wave, and hydrodynamic hindcast models.

The hindcast expertise, experience and capabilities of Oceanweather in tropical cyclone regimes are well documented in open publications and results of previous studies. Some of these publications can be found on the Oceanweather website here.



Current and Past Fast Response Storms Include (but are not limited to):

Nicholas (2021)
Ida (2021)
Zeta (2020)
Sally (2020)
Laura (2020)
Nate (2017)
Irma (2017)
Harvey (2017)
Matthew (2016)
Isaac (2012)
Sandy (2012)
Ike (2008)
Gustav (2008)
Rita (2005)
Katrina (2005)
Ivan (2004)

  • Time series of wind and wave parameters and, where applicable, surge height, current speed, and direction (generally ADCIRC)
  • Wind and Pressure Fields
  • Results presented in graphical and computer-readable form
  • Summarized narrative report
  • Summary table of maximum conditions including maximum individual and crest height
  • Plots of storm track and hindcast model grid
  • Plots of wind speed and direction, significant wave height, and vector mean wave direction and, where applicable, ADCIRC storm surge and currents


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