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NEXT is Oceanweather's North Sea and Norwegian Sea long-term metocean hindcast.  It is an extension to the original North Sea hindcast joint industry project called NESS (Northern European Storm Study), which was formed in 1986 by nine oil companies and two European government agencies. All NEXT wave hindcasts were made with Oceanweather's adaptation of a third-generation wave model, namely OWI3G, on a nested grid system consisting of a 150-km coarse grid and 30-km fine grid.  

The hindcast consists of 3-hourly time series of "fields" variables produced using winds from the NRA (NCEP Reanalysis) hindcast and archived at 3,817 points on the 30 km grid and hourly time histories of water levels and total and residual currents at 6,995 grid points as archived by the Danish Hydraulics Institute from its rerun of its hydrodynamic model made during NEXT.

The spectra are archived at OWI for possible use in future finer mesh hindcast studies or for access by NUG.

In 2010, a special ultrafine 1-km grid was setup in the southwestern North Sea to increase skill in the specification of storm driven sea states as they encountered the thin shallow banks and dubbed SNEXT.


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Surface Wind and Sea State Variables

  • Wind speed and direction
  • Significant wave height, period and direction
  • Variance, period and direction of the "sea" spectral partition
  • Variance, period and direction of the "swell" spectral partition
  • Spectral moments
  • Angular spreading parameters

Hydrodynamic Variables

  • Total water level
  • Total current speed
  • Total current direction
  • Residual water level
  • Residual current speed
  • Residual current direction


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