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PAMOS is a Joint Industry Project (JIP) that was launched in 2013 and completed in multiple phases. Oceanweather has decades of previous experience with the Arctic including the Bering Sea (BSCOMP), Chukchi Sea (CSCOMP), and Russian Arctic Seas Metocean Study (RASMOS) completed in the 1980s and 1990s and more recently the BORE JIP and the Canadian Beaufort Sea (PERD) which both began in 2004. PAMOS includes a large storm population hindcast with derivative statistics, a continuous hindcast, and an ice edge sensitivity hindcast based on the original storm hindcast.

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  • Time series of wind and wave parameters in ASCII or OSMOSIS format
  • Return period extremes for wind speed, wave height (significant, maximum and crest) and wave period
  • Operability statistics expressed as frequency-of-occurence tables and persistence/duration statistics
  • Directional wave spectra


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