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CASMOS was the first definitive design metocean study for the Caspian Sea. This JIP (Joint Industry Project) applied Oceanweather's 3rd generation wave model and 3-D hydrodynamical model to produce a wind, wave, current, and surge climatology on a 10 km grid. Information about CASMOS can be found in a 7th Wave Workshop paper. CASMOS-2, completed in 2007, is the update to CASMOS.

CASMOS included detailed modeling of 100 top storms for deriving extreme critera and a 10-year continuous hindcast period for normal and operational statistics. Wind fields used to drive the CASMOS models were derived through kinematic reanalysis which utilized local wind measurements in the Caspian Sea. CASMOS-2 extends the continuous hindcast to 50 years, adds 25 more storms, and through the Danish Hydraulics Institute (DHI) includes new 3-D current and 2-D hydrodynamic model results on the 10 km grid and a 5 km grid north of 44 N.


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All hindcast products from CASMOS are available for use in the OSMOSIS metocean software. This includes time series for the storm and continuous wind, wave, current and surge hindcasts at all 10 km and, if available, 5 km grid points and pre-computed extreme statistics and operability tables.



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