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GROW-TIDE is an on-demand product that contains tidal surface elevation and depth-averaged tidal currents.


Tide Sample

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Time series are available for the following variables:

SurfaceElevation (HTide)
Depth Integrated Tidal Current Speed (CSi)
Direction of Tidal Current (CDi)

The tidal datum summary includes the following quantities:

LAT: Lowest astronomical tide/lowest water level
HAT: Highest astronomical tide/highest water level
MHW: Mean high water
MHHW: Mean higher high water
MLW: Mean low water
MLLW: Mean lower low water
MLHW: Mean lower high water
MHLW: Mean higher low water
MTL: Mean tide level
DTL: Diurnal tide level
GT: Great tropic range
DLQ: Mean diurnal low water inequality
DHQ: Mean diurnal high water inequality


This is an optional add-on for all OWI hindcast products.


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