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Oceanweather has a long history of metocean studies for offshore Brazil beginning in 1999 with BOMOS and updated with BOMOSHU in 2010 and 2015. BOMOS-2 is the third JIP (Joint Industry Project) expanding the previous JIPs’ grid domains from just south of Natal, Brazil to the Uruguay border. This hindcast integrates the background wind fields and boundary spectra from the ERA-5 (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts Reanalysis 5th Generation) dataset, hand-drawn storm analyses, and a large body of metocean measurements to aid in analysis and validation.

BOMOS-2 is a comprehensive study of the wind and wave climate offshore Brazil improving upon the ERA-5 reanalysis. Statistical corrections were applied to the ERA-5 winds based upon comparisons of the ERA-5 winds to the QuikSCAT and WindSat scatterometers. Corrections were applied to the most extreme winds as well as mean corrections at the lower wind speeds. The hindcast incorporates an expert wind field analysis of 137 storms using OWI’s proven kinematic approach. Storms were selected to be analyzed based on insitu and remote-sensed instruments as well as with a new peak clustering method.

Wave response is modeled using the Wave Watch III (WW3) wave model on a nested grid system (0.36 deg basin grid and 0.06 deg fine grid) and archived at a 30-minute time step. The model is configured with spectral grids using 48 directional bins and 31 frequency bands. The model also incorporates the effects of the wave-current interaction using daily currents sourced from the NRL HYCOM reanalysis from 1993 – 2012 and a daily climatology outside the available period.

Proprietary wind, wave, and spectra data obtained from the JIP participants allowed for an extensive validation of the hindcast.

BOMOS-2 work has been conducted in multiple phases. Phase 1 was completed in January 2020 for the continuous years 2000-2018. Phase 2 was finished in June 2021 extending the hindcast to 45 years, 1975-2019. Also included are analyses of tropical cyclones Catarina (2004) and Iba (2019).


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The BOMOS-2 JIP consists of a database of 30-minute continuous time series in OSMOSIS and NetCDF formats for 55,961 points in the BOMOS-2 0.06 deg grid region. The OSMOSIS display and analysis software is also included in the participation of BOMOS-2.

Archived wind/wave fields include wind speed/direction, wave height/period/direction, sea/swell partitions, and other standard Oceanweather wave fields. A suite of wind and wave extremes are available at all archive points. Wave spectra is archived at a subset of 504 grid points in ASCII format.



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