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BOMOS was the first definitive design metocean study for Offshore Brazil in the Campos and contiguous Santos and Espirito basins. This JIP (Joint Industry Project) applied a tri-nested wave model approach to hindcast 48 storms and 11 continuous years for determining extreme and operational criteria.

The BOMOSHU JIP is an update of the BOMOS JIP storm hindcasts that accounts for over an additional decade of history, utilizes a large body of metocean measurements acquired since BOMOS for model validation, applies third-generation wave physics on a finer grid, and develops a new suite of wind and wave extremes.

The hindcasts were extensively validated using proprietary wind, wave, and spectra data obtained by several JIP participants.

GROW-Fine South America Brazil (SAB) is a bulk product available only to BOMOSHU participants that addresses the need for a continuous wind and wave hindcast. It is available for the southern portion of the 7 km grid (17.5-27.5 S) from January 1990 - June 2015.


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The BOMOSHU JIP consists of a database of 140 storms in OSMOSIS format for all 21,503 grid points in the BOMOSHU 7km grid region. The OSMOSIS display and analysis software is also included in the participation of BOMOSHU.

Archived wind/wave fields include wind speed/direction, wave height/period/direction, sea/swell partitions and other standard Oceanweather wave fields.



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