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GROW-Fine Mediterranean Sea is a follow-on to the GROW hindcast which addresses the Mediterranean Sea with a basin-wide 14 km grid (0.125 deg) and an eastern Mediterranean Sea 3 km (0.025 deg) fine mesh grid. The hindcast is archived 1-hourly for the continuous period 1979-2021 and includes shallow water effects. Spectra are available at select locations on both the basin-wide and fine mesh grids.

A storm hindcast is also available on the eastern Mediterranean 3 km fine mesh grid. Over 70 significant events were selected from the operational hindcast for further analysis. In addition to the wave model, the ADCIRC model was run on a very fine finite element mesh grid in order to develop hydrodynamic parameters. Tidal effects are included.

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  • Continuous time series of wind and wave parameters in ASCII or OSMOSIS format
  • Storm time series of wind, wave, and hydrodynamic parameters in ASCII or OSMOSIS format on the the 3 km fine mesh grid
  • Return period extremes for wind speed, wave height (significant, maximum and crest) and wave period
  • Operability statistics expressed as monthly and annual frequency-of-occurence tables and persistence/duration statistics
  • Directional wave spectra


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