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The GROW Fine North Atlantic Basin (GROWFAB) Hindcast was developed at Oceanweather in conjuction with the MSC50 hindcast for the Climate Research Division of Environment Canada. Canadian operators can contact the Canadian Centre for Climate Services and/or Fisheries and Oceans Canada directly for data in Canadian waters. All other inquiries are handled by Oceanweather directly. GROWFAB/MSC50 is the follow-on study to the highly successful AES40 long term North Atlantic hindcast completed in 1997.

The hindcast involves kinematic reanalysis of all significant tropical and extra-tropical storms in the North Atlantic for the continuous period January 1954 - September 2021. Oceanweather's 3rd generation wave model (OWI3G) was adopted onto a 0.5 degree grid, wind and wave fields were archived at all active model points.

The GROWFAB methodology and validation has been extensively documented and presented in peer-reviewed journals and conferences. The the first generation AES40 hindcast methodology is discussed in the Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, while the validation and climate assessment is best described in the preprints of 6th International Workshop on Wave Hindcasting and Forecasting. The present hindcast was presented in a 9th Wave Workshop paper.

GROW Fine Atlantic Grid

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