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The vast majority of studies performed at Oceanweather are of a site-specific, proprietary nature. Applications in areas not available in Oceanweather's JIPs and products as well as custom follow-on studies are best served by a dedicated hindcast study.

In this type of study the approach and deliverable outputs (wind fields, wave parameters, wave spectra, extremal anaylsis, operational data, etc.) are designed around your application and needs. Oceanweather has performed studies in virtually every basin worldwide and in most cases already has local knowledge and data.

To fully understand the range of options and expertise that Oceanweather can provide please visit our Research pages which include information on the Hindcast Approach, Tropical Modeling, Wind Field Analysis, and Numerical Modeling. Also view our Recent Publications page which details our published journal and conference papers.

When making an inquiry about a dedicated study we will require some basic information as to the location, application type, and timetable in order to determine the best solution for your needs. All inquiries are kept in complete confidence.



For more information please contact oceanwx@oceanweather.com



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