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TAMOMS is a 3-part Joint Industry Project (JIP) including a measurement program (Part A), wind and wave hindcasting (Part B), and a current modeling program (Part C) initiated by Statoil. Oceanweather was awarded Part B. The hindcast is archived 3-hourly for the continuous period 1987-2009 on a 0.0625 deg latitude x 0.125 deg longitude grid. It also includes meteorological variables of air and sea temperature, humidity, and sea level pressure from the NCEP's Climate Forecast System Reanalysis (CFSR). Spectra are available at a subset of locations.

The basic methodology included adapting Oceanweather's 3rd generation wave model at high resolution along the coastline of Tanzania and Mozambique that covered the deep-water drilling interests of JIP participants driven by boundary conditions from GROW and an intermediate coarse grid encompassing the Southern Indian Ocean from Antarctica to the equator and out to 90 E. Tropical cyclones were overlaid into the wind fields with the top 40 receiving intensive wind field reanalysis by a meteorologist. Partial completion of Part A allowed for verification of the wave model using two buoys that were deployed specifically for the TAMOMS JIP.

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  • Time series of wind and wave parameters in ASCII or OSMOSIS format at all 40,633 archived grid points
  • Time series of select meteorological parameters in ASCII or OSMOSIS format at 3,278 grid points (~30 km)
  • Directional wave spectra at 739 grid points


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