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In partnership with C-MAP's Integrated Maritime Suite (IMS) for vessel optimization and Oceanweather's 38+ year global wind and wave hindcast (GROW), TOWSIM is a tool to develop Trans-Ocean Criteria for transporting offshore structure on a barge, towing an FPSO, drill ship and other floating vessel.

  • Custom tailored modeling of the barge or self propelled ship are used to predict vessel speed performance and motion responses in wind and waves.
  • 38+ years of validated Global wind and wave hindcast database including tropical cyclones.
  • Detailed wind, sea and swell information on a 0.5 degree grid.
  • Simulates user specified route with various departures and monthly statistics.


For more information on CMAP's IMS product please see http://commercialmarine.c-map.com/en/route-planning-and-fleet-management/ims

A detailed TOWSIM report will include the following information based on various seasons and/or routes.

Monthly Exceedance and Probability Density

Maximum vessel motion responses, encountered environmental conditions, trip duration, and associated criteria for each simulated passage are compiled to show statistics including Monthly Exceedance, Probability Densities, and Cumulative and Exceedance Probabilities.

Scatter Diagrams and Spectra

Conditions en route such as wind speed, direction, sea, swell height period and direction, vessel pitch, roll angles, vertical, lateral accelerations at various hourly intervals for each simulated passage are compiled to provide the following statistics:

  • Monthly Wind Speed vs. Wind Direction, Wind Speed vs. Significant Wave Height, Roll vs. Pitch Angles, Vertical vs. Lateral Accelerations, Significant Wave Height vs. Peak Period
  • Joint probabilities along the route
  • Mean directional wave spectra from sea and swell parameters are utilized for fatigue and long term response predictions along the route




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