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Since 1983 Oceanweather has applied it's hindcasting models and analysis techniques towards the operational forecasting of ocean winds and waves. We are the only forecast center (public or private) in the world to run operational global and regional wave models that were developed completely in-house. Our forecast philosophy is to use man-interactive techniques and analysis tools to produce a better marine forecast than is possible using pure model forecast data. Our team of marine meteorologists, most with over a decade of experience, are dedicated to producing the best wind and wave forecasts.

Most of the products and services described here are intended for oceangoing vessels and/or offshore operations. There is no current data displayed on any of these pages. Casual marine weather users and surfers are encouraged to check out Oceanweather's Current Marine Data page for free hourly-updated marine data.

About OWI Forecast

Learn more about the techniques and models used in producing our global wind and wave forecast

VOSS - Vessel Optimization & Safety System

Onboard system for optimum ship routing and seakeeping decision support

ODS - Oceanweather Display System

Onboard weather regional wind and wave forecast display for offshore operations requiring critical operational marine forecasts

CYCLOPS - Tropical Cyclone Operational Prediction System

Tropical forecast service for offshore operations and evacuation decisions

Weather Data and Graphics

Custom graphics and tailored weather data for the Internet, in-house applications and onboard weather programs

Fax/Email Service

Wind and wave forecasts for any location worldwide


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