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Digital Data Services and API

Our marine API has a number of wave parameters available on a global basis for regional grids as well as single point locations. A partial list of forecast and archived historical data is located below. Please contact Oceanweather for more information on availability. Oceanweather have short and extended range forecast data available, with formats including XML, CSV, JSON, and NetCDF.

For post-voyage analysis Oceanweather maintains an API that provides wind speed (WS) and significant wave height (HS) statistics along a route based on available observations/measurements.

Available Marine Parameters:

  • HS, peak period (TP), vector mean direction (VMD) for 3 wave train partitions
  • 10 m and 50 m wind speed and direction
  • Sea level pressure
  • 500 mb geopotential height
  • Water velocities
  • Sea surface temperature
  • Sea surface salinity
  • Tidal elevations and velocities
  • Air temperature
  • Visibility
  • Lightning and thunderstorm potential
  • Cloud cover
  • Dew point
  • Precipitation
  • Sea ice concentration and thickness
  • Vessel or structure ice accretion
  • Ensemble member winds and waves
  • Ensemble member statistics


For more information please contact oceanwx@oceanweather.com


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