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VVOS: Vessel and Voyage Optimization Solution

Optimum Ship Routing

A powerful optimization algorithm evaluates thousands of candidate routes to find the fastest and most cost-effective routes for user specified arrival times while satisfying the safe operating criteria for motion, engine overload and hull stress limits. VVOS includes the following:

  • Custom tailored modeling of the ship's hull, engine and propeller are used to predict vessel performance and hull response in wind and waves
  • Passage and Offshore Tow simulation using forecast or historical weather
  • Monthly sea state climatology based on past analysis data for passages longer than 10 days
  • User friendly graphical interface under the Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Interfaces with Integrated navigation and Electronic Chart Systems


Seakeeping Decision Support

A sophisticated ship motion program interfaced with sensor input recommends optimum speed/rpm and heading to reduce risk of heavy weather damage. VVOS also:

  • Warns of potentially dangerous events through continuous monitoring and recording of ship motion, accelerations, SHP and RPM
  • Predicts motion, slamming, bending moment, shear force, speed, power and RPM under forecast or user input sea and swell conditions
  • Warns of engine overload and propeller racing conditions
  • User friendly intuitive interface to try many "what if" scenarios
  • Custom display for helicopter landing and other special applications
  • Proven to lower life-cycle cost of hull and machinery


Shipboard Weather Station

Forecasts from Oceanweather's forecast center are used as input into VVOS. These quality controlled forecasts are verified with satellite altimeter wind and wave measurements, buoy measurements and ship observations. Features include:

  • High resolution global wind and wave forecast with nested grid for tropical storms and coastal regions
  • Three wave trains are used to model sea and swell conditions
  • Separate ocean regions downloadable by ships at sea 365 days a year
  • User configurable size and type of projection for displaying different weather products


For more information please contact C-MAP.


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