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The GROW Fine Caribbean (GFC) Hindcast is Oceanweather's updated comprehensive metocean study of the Caribbean Sea.  

The continuous hindcast is a triple nested wave model starting with the GROW hindcast database (basin scale).  Basin spectra were archived along the model boundary of a coarse ¼ degree regional model at the model timestep (30 minutes).  The regional model was run to archive boundary spectra for the 1/8th degree continuous wave model grid.  Output from the 1/8th degree continuous hindcast was archived at a 3-hourly timestep for both the wind and wave fields as well as wave spectra at select locations near coasts and at 1 x 1 degree intervals. 

The storm hindcasts were first run on the 1/4th degree regional model and boundary spectra was archived to run the storms with pickup on the 1/16th degree wave model storm grid.

The GFC project applies the hindcast methodology developed at Oceanweather for the specification of wind, wave, current and surge fields in historical time periods.  The basic hindcast approach involves the development of accurate wind fields from historical data and application of proven models.

The products of GFC include, for each site of interest, the actual simulated hindcast time series from all models (continuous/tropical), wave spectra if available, and statistics.  They can be purchased together or separately.

China Seas

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  • Time series of wind and wave parameters in ASCII or OSMOSIS format
  • Time series of surge height and integrated current for storm events
  • Return period extremes for wind speed, wave height (significant, maximum and crest) and wave period
  • Operability statistics expressed as monthly and annual frequency-of-occurence tables and persistence/duration statistics
  • Directional wave spectra


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