Oceanweather Inc. (OWI) is pleased to announce the availability of our second-generation South East Asia Fine hindcast (SEAFINE-2) using new wind forcing and a unified grid setup for the period 2015-2019. This hindcast includes a continuous hindcast as well as detailed modeling of all South China Sea (SCS) tropical cyclones and monsoon events.

The hindcast effort includes the analysis and detailed modeling of all tropical cyclones in the SCS from 2015-2019 as well as reanalysis of significant Southwest and Northeast monsoon events. The hindcast has been extensively validated using industry collected measurements as well as publicly available buoys and data from satellite based altimeter, radiometer, and scatterometer observations.

SEAFINE-2 Model Domain

This initial release serves as an extension of wind and wave data in the SCS for the original SEAFINE JIP participants. Work continues on SEAFINE-2 to eventually replace the original SEAFINE results (tropical cyclone hindcasts back to 1956) and provide the basis for the OWI’s GROW-FINE South China Sea product which is available by the grid point for time series, statistics, and reports.

Comparisons coincident with tropical cyclones 2015-2019

SEAFINE-2 significant wave height (m) quantile-quantile comparisons against JASON2 altimeter by wave direction 2015-2019

For further information regarding SEAFINE-2 or any of our other JIP projects as well as our spec products, please contact Erin Harris via email at erinh@oceanweather.com or by phone at +1 203-661-3091.