Oceanweather (OWI) has started work on our second-generation South East Asia Fine hindcast (SEAFINE2) using new wind forcing and a unified grid setup (see figure below for the SEAFINE2 unified wind and wave model domain).  The original SEAFINE Joint Industry Project (JIP) was first launched in 2006 as a follow on to the SEAMOS, SUS and SOUP JIPs all produced by OWI. The hindcasts included detailed reanalysis of typhoons and monsoons in the Southern and Northern South China Seas and ocean response modeling for wind waves and 3-D currents.

OWI’s initial efforts will be to produce an extension of the SEAFINE wind and wave deliverables for 2015-2019, and then extend the new modeling backwards to eventually replace the original SEAFINE results. 

Goals of the new modeling effort include:

  1. Detailed reanalysis of significant typhoons and monsoonal events
  2. Improvement on the skill, particularly in low winds, by applying newer atmospheric forcing
  3. Application of more detailed bathymetric data
  4. Inclusion of sub-grid features to improve directional wave performance
  5. Increased directional and frequency banding in the wave model
  6. Expanded archive which includes finer timestep for all tropical cyclones

Targeted completion of the 2015-2019 period is early 2021. Interested parties who would like further information on SEAFINE2 can contact Erin Harris at erinh@oceanweather.com.  

SEAFINE2 3-Minute Wave Model Domain, colored by depth in areas shallower than 1000 m.