December 2019 marked the 50th anniversary of the landmark doctoral dissertation by Dr. Vincent J. Cardone at New York University entitled “Specification of the Wind Distribution in the Marine Boundary Layer for Wave Forecasting”. Dr. Cardone’s dissertation introduced the first contemporary marine PBL model and showed how it could be applied to the practical problem of specification of marine surface wind fields to produce real-time wave forecasting. This approach was later refined and implemented at several national forecast centers around the world including NOAA/NWS National Centers for Environmental Prediction, U.S. Navy Fleet Numerical Oceanography Center, the Canadian Meteorological Centre, the Norwegian Meteorological Service, the Japanese Meteorological Agency, the Shanghai Forecast Center, and the New Zealand Meteorological Service. Dr. Cardone was an internationally recognized expert on the measurement of the winds over the ocean, synoptic scale analysis of wind fields, and on ocean wave modeling and forecasting. He received many awards in recognition of his accomplishments including the Oceanography Lifetime Achievement Award. Dr. Cardone was elected an AMS Fellow in 2001 in recognition of his contributions marine meteorology and oceanography.

A special session will be held at the upcoming American Meteorological Society (AMS) meeting, where OWI’s President Andrew T. Cox - along with Linwood Vincent, Dr. Don Resio, and Dr. Hans Graber - will speak in honor of Dr. Cardone. For more information, please visit

Oceanweather Inc. founder Dr. Vince Cardone