SciPy 2019, the 18th annual Scientific Computing with Python conference, was held over July 8-14 in the heart of Austin at the University of Texas. The annual SciPy Conference brings together over 800 participants from industry, academia, and government to showcase their latest projects, learn from skilled users and developers, and collaborate on code development. The schedule included tutorials, developer “sprints”, a poster session, plenary talks and mini-symposia.

The conference showcased the incredible possibilities in scientific computing that are being made reality when disparate communities work together in open and accessible ways. Among many amazing talks it was reinforced how this applies from institutional to inter-personal scales, and even in actual code that we use and collaborate on.

Oceanweather (OWI) wants to highlight some of the tools/projects from the scientific Python ecosystem that have made us better and more efficient scientists and we look forward to continued engagement with the whole SciPy ecosystem and all of the new advances on the way.

NumFOCUS deserves to be mentioned for organizing and providing support for many core and cutting edge components in the scientific Python stack.