Oceanweather Inc. (OWI) is pleased to announce the latest update to the Meteorological Services of Canada (MSC) long-term North Atlantic wind and wave climatology known as MSC50. The MSC50 hindcast is applied by Canadian operators for offshore operability and design, and is the standard applied by Canadian regulatory agencies for permitting. The hindcast now extends for the period of 1954 to 2018 (65 years) and provides wind and wave time series in the Canadian East Coast Maritimes.

The MSC50 hindcast has been funded by the Environment Canada and will be available via their portal at http://www.meds-sdmm.dfo-mpo.gc.ca/isdm-gdsi/waves-vagues/MSC50-eng.html for Canadian waters. The North Atlantic basin model supporting MSC50 is available from OWI as the GROW-FINE Atlantic Basin (GFAB) hindcast.

There are numerous papers and presentations available at https://www.oceanweather.com/about/papers/ which describe the MSC50 and earlier AES40 hindcast efforts. The hindcast includes detailed reanalysis of significant extra-tropical and tropical cyclones in the domain and the application of high resolution basin and regional 3rd generation wave models. Specification of the extreme wind and wave climate was a priority in the study.

Two related Environment Canada projects for the Canadian Beaufort Sea and the Davis Strait/Baffin Bay regions are presently funded and will be updated to include up to 2018 later in this calendar year.

MSC50 Model Domain including US and Canadian regions.

GFAB North Atlantic Basin Model Domain.