Oceanweather are pleased to announce the completion of the updated GROW-FINE Caribbean 2 (GFC-2) wind, wave, and hydrodynamic hindcast. Winds and waves were modeled on a nested set of grids with a resolution of 5.6km on the finest grid, and were run in a continuous operational period for years 1979-2017, incorporating overlapping reanalyzed tropical systems. Separate storm hindcasts of 374 tropical storms in years 1930-2017 have also been produced as part of the project, archived at a finer timestep than the continous modeling period. In addition to wind and wave parameters, the tropical storm hindcasts contain water surface elevation and 2D depth-averaged velocity variables generated by the state of the art ADCIRC numerical model using OWI’s lightweight version of the NOAA operational HSOFS mesh (HSOFSR), with output archived on the same grid points as the winds and waves.

GFC-2 Hindcast Archive (black) and HSOFSR computational mesh node locations (blue).

OWI's HSOFSR ADCIRC mesh that incorporates the Caribbean Sea.

These data are suitable for a variety of uses in the metocean and offshore design fields, and are available for purchase by point or as a whole and in a variety of formats including statistical analyses. For more information, please contact Erin Harris via email at erinh@oceanweather.com.