Oceanweather (OWI) presented a replacement for their ADCIRC NWS-12 wind and pressure (also known as WIN/PRE) input format at the 2018 ADCIRC User’s group meeting. This new format (NWS-13) is based on NetCDF4, and supports arbitrary numbers of sub-grid overlays, sophisticated grid descriptions and storm-following moving grids matched with independent temporal descriptions to ensure sufficient spatial and temporal fidelity to capture the complex dynamics of a specific storm or set of storms.

The new format is currently being used and tested as part of a large tropical storm hindcast encompassing the Caribbean and US East Coast that contains over 900 individual tropical storms and hurricanes. The production wind and pressure fields from the new NWS-13 are being applied on to OWI’s new high-fidelity mesh based on the NOAA operational HSOFS/ESTOFS East Coast mesh.

The ADCIRC User’s Group Meeting (and Bootcamp) is an annual capacity building and training event for the Advanced Circulation (ADCIRC) coastal ocean model. This year these events were co-hosted by NOAA CSDL and NOAA NCEP in College Park, MD over 9-13 April, 2018. More information can be found at http://adcirc2018.eventbrite.com/

The presentation slides can be found in PDF format here and other presentations and publications by Oceanweather can be found here.