In addition to our standard global winds and waves, Oceanweather also maintains a collection of various hindcast options not typically found in our standard hindcasts. GROW-MET, GROW-TIDE, and GROW-HYDRO are three of OWI’s low cost, add-on hindcast products many find useful as a way to fulfil requirements for detailed metocean design that go beyond winds and waves. Below is a listing with detail for each of these hindcast add-on options.


GROW-MET is Oceanweather’s archive of common weather variables. Grid points can be selected by opening the Google Earth KMZ file located on our website at under the Resources Section on the right. The following variables are included in GROW-MET: Air Temperature, Cloud Base Height, Sea Level Pressure, Sea Temperature, Thunderstorm Potential, CAPE, Precipitation Type, Saturation, Dew Point, Relative Humidity, Visibility, Fog, Precipitation, and Ice Concentration and Thickness.


GROW-HYDRO is an archive of current speed and direction along with salinity and water temperature. GROW-HYDRO variables are provided for daily snapshots given at 00 UTC and up to 40 depths. More information can be found on our website.


GROW-TIDE is OWI’s archive of tidal surface elevation and depth-averaged tidal currents and direction. GROW-TIDE is developed from statistical processing of satellite altimetry data. The model has been shown to compare favorably to full dynamic hydrodynamic models of tides as well as to coastal tide predictions based on analysis of long-term tide gauges.

Please see the Oceanweather website for more information, or email for inquiries into these hindcast products.