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ODS is a display and analysis program used to view forecasts produced from Oceanweather's global and regional forecast models. It is primarily used by offshore operators who require dedicated marine forecasting support. Dial-up and Internet communications options are built into the ODS program and can be setup to automatically download and display the latest forecasts. All forecast products are sent as highly compressed data files to keep communication costs low which is important for many offshore operators.

ODS is designed to present all applicable marine data in a easy-to-use interface to assist offshore operators in making weather dependent decisions. Forecasts from any of Oceanweather's global or regional forecast models can be used as input to the ODS program. Operators in locations where tropical systems are important are encouraged to visit Oceanweather's CYCLOPS information page which provides an advanced forecast service for tropical-threat evacuation and decision making.

View wind/wave forecast at any location

Flexible display allows user to select regions


  • Flexible display of wind and wave forecasts
  • Ability to view/print forecasts at any location
  • Includes tropical cyclone forecasts
  • Display surface pressure and 500 millibar forecasts
  • Additional data such as text warning messages and satellite imagery
  • Automatic download/processing of new weather data
  • Available for the global oceans

View text warning messages and satellite imagery

Tropical forecasts in ODS


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