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Oceanweather Inc. is a specialized metocean consulting firm serving the coastal and ocean engineering communities since 1977. Our approach is to develop and apply high-level technology to satisfy practical requirements in marine meteorology, ocean wave and current specification, ocean engineering, and statistics of environmental data. Our services include atmospheric/oceanographic research, site-specific consulting/modeling, operational forecasting, and generation of long-term climatologies for operability and design in the marine environment.


  • Sentinel 3B Satellite Altimetry Data in Forecast

    The Sentinel 3B altimeter was launched in April of 2018 and completed full commissioning in late fall of 2018. The measured data began flowing into Oceanweather’s forecast systems as of January 2019.

    Data from altimeter satellites such as the Jason and Sentinel series are used to adjust the model forcing for the wave simulations. Data are both objectively and forecaster controlled for quality assurances and allow the forecaster to quickly see where the wave analysis is both higher or lower than measured. These areas can then be manually corrected to produce more accurate analysis and thus forecasted wave train simulations.

  • Hurricane Michael (2018) Fast Response

    In order to support hurricane recovery activities and to improve future resiliency, Oceanweather (OWI) is in the process of producing a “fast-response” hindcast for Hurricane Michael (2018). A detailed reanalysis of the conditions experienced in a land-falling hurricane are required in any ocean response modeling to provide critical guidance on the extent of the storm wave and surge inundation. OWI can provide wind, pressure, and/or OWI’s standard wave fields for this recent event.

    As experts in providing meteorological forcing for ocean response modeling of extreme wind, wave and storm surge events, OWI has a long history of quickly responding to the need for hindcasts of recent or active tropical events. This expertise is also applied in long-term operational and storm hindcasts in public and private sectors around the globe.

  • Announcing: BOMOS-2 Joint Industry Project

    Oceanweather (OWI) are pleased to announce plans for a new Joint Industry Project (JIP) called Brazil Offshore Meteorological and Oceanographic Study - 2 (BOMOS-2). BOMOS-2 will serve as a follow-up to the previous similar JIPs: BOMOS and BOMOSHU. The JIP will include continous operational and storm hindcasts providing OWI’s standard wind and wave parameters for coastal regions of Brazil including Paraíba, Pernambuco, Alagoas, Sergipe, Bahia, Espírito Santo, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

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