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OSMOSIS is the ocean engineer's analysis tool for displaying and calculating a variety of metocean hindcast statistics. Most of Oceanweather's products (see MetOcean Studies) are available in OSMOSIS format and are purchased separately.

OSMOSIS is designed primarily to process hindcast metocean databases generated by Oceanweather. It is not a forecasting tool nor does it accept 3rd party data and not available individual sale.

Display and Export

  • DataSelect area of interest by clicking on map or entering location
  • Select time period of interest
  • Display time series as tables or graphs of all or some variables and dates
  • Display tables of normals and extremes computed by Oceanweather
  • All tables and graphs can be printed or saved to disk
  • Export multiple time series to disk at once by selecting points from a map


Statistical Analysis

  • Frequency of Occurrence tables on any two variables
  • Persistence/Duration tables on any variable
  • Objective identification of storm peaks based on any variable
  • Interactive modification of storm peak selection
  • Extremal analysis with Gumbel, Borgman and Weibull distributions
  • Scatter plots of time series or storm peaks


For more information please contact oceanwx@oceanweather.com


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